Carrying the weight together.

Join us for the long haul.


At Swan, we recognize and believe that our carriers are vital to our success. Placing a high value on the partnership of our carriers has been our goal from the very beginning.

As our partner, you will benefit from:

  • Several Quick Pay options so you can get paid in hours, not days, and avoid using a factoring company
  • Volume partners enjoy non-discounted quick pay and long-term rate and volume agreements
  • High PAYDEX score
  • Financially secure business partner with A+ TruckStop rating
  • Access to proprietary TMS to accept loads electronically and eliminate the paper trail with archived confirmations and POD's
  • Fully staffed carrier relations team to ensure the best in customer service
  • Brokerage insurance that meets or exceeds the best in customer service
  • Performance-certified by Transporation Intermediaries Association ($100,000 security bond)
  • Internet Truck Stop Diamond Broker

Qualifications of Carrier Partnership

  • A safety rating of "Satisfactory" or "None" to be automatically compliant
  • Have at least $100,000 in motor truck cargo insurance
  • Have at least $100,000 in auto liability insurance
  • Have worker's compensation insurance in line with state requirements 
  • Sign Swan Broker/ Carrier Agreement
  • No complaints on file with TIA Watchdog, Carrier411 or 
  • No internal complaints from a Swan agent or by the corporate office
  • Active carrier authority