Swan Transportation Services, LTD is proud to announce its twentieth year providing innovative and worry-free logistics and freight services. In a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, Swan has spent the last two decades providing leading-edge technology and solutions that customers rely on.


Swan Founder, Winston T. Jones, Sr., began operations in 1998 with the development of the Rubber Duck, a proprietary, web-based TMS software. The release of the Rubber Duck created a pathway for real-time communication and order tracking, a service uncommon in the 3PL industry at that time.  Since then, the Rubber Duck has become a valuable resource for Swan, its agents, and its customers.  


The software grants customers the ability to focus on and invest in their business, while leveraging a partner for end-to-end service. In a market where customers are looking to make important business decisions based on trustworthy, actionable data, the Rubber Duck allows customers to have access to their data without making the investment in the technology themselves.


The Swan leadership team continues Winston’s legacy by investing in Rubber Duck as an asset for Swan and its customers.  Swan has improved usability and scalability by adding advanced features as well as putting the platform on a more robust technology stack.  These features include adding load boards and carrier validation as a way of integrating the platform in the 3PL market. Most importantly for the customer, Swan employs a “Continuous Improvement” approach to ensure our current and future customer base has a reliable, stable, and secure platform.


Tommy Jones, son of Winston Jones and current partner of Swan, reflected on the company’s 20th anniversary by saying “Swan will continue to take a Customer First approach to Logistics solutions. Understanding the needs of our customers and market is vital to our continued success.”


We want to thank our outstanding customers, our loyal carriers, distinguished agents and remarkable staff. We look forward to serving you during the next 20 years.